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Personal Financial Planning

Financial planning entails more than just periodic reviews of account balances.  Areas of concern in your life interweave and are much more broad than many people realize.  Purchasing a home, funding a child or grandchild's education, financial and health needs during retirement, and more—all activities need to be coordinated with a team of advisers that work together towards the same goal—yours!  We work with advisers of your choice or can provide referrals to top-notch professionals who will put your needs first.

Financial Planning Areas

Cash Flow Planning

  • Budgeting of income and expenses for a given time period, from monthly to long-term.

  • Special purchase funding planning.

Charitable Planning

  • Establishment of charitable giving schedules and family foundations.

Education Planning

  • Financial aid planning

  • Federal Application for Student Aid (FASFA) preparation and assistance.

  • Consideration of education funding options based on personalized criteria.

Special Needs Planning

  • Establishment and operation of special needs trusts.

  • Achieving A Better Life Experience (ABLE) act information and planning.

Elder Planning

  • Coordination between all professionals providing care, financial, and legal advice to family members.

  • Third-party financial analysis and payment coordination.

  • Mediation and assistance in planning for shared responsibility for a loved one.

Estate, Gift, Trust, and Wealth Transfer Planning

  • Assistance to legal team responsible for drafting necessary agreements.

  • Estate, Gift, and Trust income tax return preparation.

  • Gift tracking and necessary calculations.

Tax Planning

  • Current and long-term planning for lessening of tax​ liabilities.

Retirement Planning

  • Analysis of retirement needs and funding availability.

  • Calculation and recommendations for Social Security retirement benefits.

  • Coordination with investment advisors to clarify retirement goals and fund availability.

Significant Event Planning

  • Creation of comprehensive plans to assist in preparation for both expected and unexpected life events such as marriage, divorce, family addition, death, disability, employment change, and relocation; just to name a few.

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