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Services for Businesses

Business Startup & Planning

Do you have an idea for a business and are ready to take the next step?  I prepare all documents necessary to begin your business.  Your success is my success, so let's work together and get started on the right foot!

  • Articles of Organization or Incorporation

  • Federal Employer Identification Number

  • Registration for Michigan Taxes

  • Election by a Small Business Corporation (S Election)

  • Bylaws and Operating Agreement

  • Stock Certificates

Every business needs to keep track of their financial data in some way.  I can help you choose and setup an accounting system that is tailored to your business' needs.  It is easier than you think, and there are many options available, click here to see few of them.  We can also help create and implement new accounting processes, train employees on best practices, and provide troubleshooting when you know exactly what you want, but the program isn't cooperating!

Full-Service Bookkeeping

Whether you have 2 transactions a month or 200, we can provide bookkeeping services so that you can keep your hands busy on your business, not a keyboard doing data entry.  We can do everything from entering and reconciling bank transactions to preparing your accounts receivable and payable.

Year-End Data Clean-up and Adjusting Journal Entries

It is year-end and you are ready to close your books; are they in the condition that they should be?  We can review and adjust your accounts to provide a clearer picture of your business.  Mis-classsified transactions, unmatched customer or vendor payments, receivables and payables to be written off, and expense accruals can all be updated to reflect their correct balances and get rid of those ghost numbers that don't seem to go away, not matter how hard you try!  We can also prepare and enter adjusting journal entries resulting from complex transactions such as sales of property & equipment and investor contributions.

Financial Statement Preparation

A set of financial statements is more than just a report, it lets you and others get the big picture when it comes to your business.  Whether it be just a simple income statement and balance sheet, or something more, like a statement of cash flows, operational expenses, or owner's equity, we can tailor your financials to meet your needs.  We can prepare both compiled and reviewed financial statements needed for lending, investor inquiry, or internal purposes.

Analysis can also be performed to see if your business is meeting industry standards, or those that you place upon yourself.  We are there to review your financials with you to make sure you are comfortable with the data and to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Forensic Accounting and Analysis

Analysis of financial statements, accounting records, tax returns, and other business documents for inaccuracies, inconsistency, fraud, and misrepresentation.  Internal control system recommendations, correction of inaccurate data, and financial information re-creation.

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